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 On December 1, 1891 James Naismith creates the game of basketball at what later became Springfield College in Mass, home of todays Basketball Hall of Fame. It was James Naismith from Ontario Canada who was appointed with the challenge to develop a sport that could be played indoors in winter months to help sway the boredom of College football and baseball players.

The new sport had to have some assurances however such as:  It had to be an indoor game and be able to be played by many players at the same time. It needed to provide an ample amount of exercise, but they did not want it to be a rough game such as football, soccer, or rugby because they did not want star football and baseball players getting hurt in this sport and not be able to be on the field when they were really needed.

The new sport was given much thought and finally a revelation came when several sports were used. American rugby for passing, English rugby for the jump ball, lacrosse because they used a goal, soccer because of the size and shape of the ball and a game Naismith called duck on a rock which he played in Ontario Canada. James Naismith put together The Original 13 rules of Basket Ball, published them and on 12/1/1891 Basketball got it's start with a soccer ball and peach basket.

That being said it was on this day in 1893 the peach basket was replaced with iron hoops and a hammock-type of basket.  It was not until 1903 that they decided to make the nets open-ended, before that they had to, go to the basket and get the ball out by themselves, and we made a big deal about the moon landing, computers and i phones.


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Monday Night NFL Pro Football Matchup New Orleans Vs Chicago Bears

Preview of Mondays NFL Match-up betweeen New Orleans and Chicagoon 12/15/2014

by Charlie M. December 11, 2014

New Orleans Saints 5–8 both straight up and ATS (against the spread)  will matchup against the last place Chicago Bears also 5–8 both straight up and ATS this Monday, December 15 in Monday Night Football at 8.30 pm. The game will take place with the Bears hosting the game at Soldier Field.

The New Orleans Saints quaterback Drew Brees completed around 69.3% of his passes leading to 12 interceptions and 28 touchdowns. Brees also has 9 touchdowns and 2 picks if you look at his last 3 games. The New Orleans Saints are with 39 passing plays and around 20 yards. Marques Colston and Kenny Stills together have earned 6 touchdowns and 1,400 receiving yards. Jimmy Graham has had 9 receptions among the 3 last games.

Jay Cutler of the Bears completed 66.8% of his passes leading to 15 turnovers and 26 touchdowns. Cuter had 3 picks and 6 touchdowns in his last 3 games. The Bears are with a 38 passing plays and around 20 yards. Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett together earned 1,700 yards and 16 touchdowns. Marquess Wilson also had 2 of his 5 receptions in the last week.

The game will pit No 19 ranked Chicago's offense ( averaging 21.62 PPG) with No 30 ranked (average 27.62 PPG) Saints defense. The average of the Bears' aerial game is 253.62 YPG and the Saints have an air game of 265.15 YPG.

It is hard to pick a win. The Saints had a victory over the Bears last year and they may very well do it again. It is also to be noted that the Bears had their last 2 wins on the home field and they would again be playing here. The question can only be answered this Monday............

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Top 5 Sports Betting Matchups
12/15 - 08:30 pm: NFL Football - New Orleans Saints vs. Chicago Bears
12/15 - 07:00 pm: NHL Hockey- New Jersey Devils vs. New York Islanders
12/15 - 07:00 pm: NBA Basketball - Los Angeles Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers
12/15 - 07:00 pm: NCAAA Basketball - Elon Phoenix vs. Duke Blue Devils
12/15 - 08:25 pm: NFL Football - Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
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NCAAB College Basketball tonight at 9:00 pm.

Texas Southern Tigers and the Gonzaga Bulldogs

courtesy of Bovada Sportsbook

The Texas Southern Tigers and the Gonzaga Bulldogs will both be trying to pick up a win on Monday when they battle at McCarthey Athletic Center.

Odds aren't yet posted for this game, so check back later for the opening line and total.

In their last action, Gonzaga was a 87-74 winner on the road against UCLA. They covered the -6.5-point spread as favorites.

Texas Southern lost its last outing, a 75-50 result against Florida on December 12. They covered in that game as a +25.5-point underdog.

NFL Football Schedule for Week 15: December 11, 14 and 15, 2014
TV   Date   Time   Road Team   Home Team





08:25 p.m
01:00 a.m
01:00 p.m
01:00 p.m
01:00 p.m
01:00 p.m
01:00 p.m
01:00 p.m
01:00 p.m
01:00 p.m
04:05 p.m
04:05 p.m
04:25 p.m
04:25 p.m
08:30 p.m
08:30 p.m


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